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A big FPL dilemma that everyone seems to have is that they can’t decide which big money striker they want. It’s hard to fit both of them in and 9 times out of 10, you’re forced to only pick one of them to save funds for other positions. The dilemma in this case, is Olivier Giroud vs Romelu Lukaku.

Lukaku is a player hated by many Fantasy Premier League managers, purely because of how inconsistent he is and how badly he usually performs in those rare double gameweeks. Giroud on the other hand is a player who divides opinion. Some may think that he only has one or two good traits and other consider him to be a decent striker. With 16 goals last season, he can’t be that bad, so let’s dig deep, and find out how good these players are and which players you should choose for your gameweek squad. Onto the FPL dilemma…

Olivier Giroud (9.0m)

Giroud’s statistics read well, suggesting the Frenchman is a very good striker and clinical finisher too. He played 2,430 minutes last season, not a great amount for the French forward, who found himself being subbed regularly, or being dropped for other players. He managed to score 16 goals with 6 assists, which actually means that it was one of Giroud’s best premier league seasons. 7 of these goals where assisted by Mesut Ozil, which meant that this partnership was one of the deadliest in Europe. The question is however, can Giroud replicate his form into next season.

With Welbeck injured, Giroud is the only forward available at the minute, so he should almost certainly start against Liverpool. Ozil and Sanchez are also available, so if he can develop a decent partnership with both of these players like last season, he should be able to do well this season. Arsenal haven’t signed any other striker, and they just recently had a bid rejected for Olympique Lyonnaise striker Alexander Lacazette, so if they are not to sign a new striker by the time the season starts, Giroud will definitely be the striker starting in the season.

Romelu Lukaku (9.0m)

Romelu Lukaku is a fantastic striker, but can cause fantasy football headaches! From watching him every week, it’s clear he has bundles of talent. In some aspects, such as his finishing and hold up play, he is arguably one of the best. On other aspects, like his first touch and his agility, he can look awful. These are things that Ronald Koeman will obviously work on, which will help him become a fantastic striker.

Lukaku scored 18 goals last season in an Everton side that really disappointed. He had no supply from the midfield, he wasn’t getting any chances to score, and he had no decent player to partner with. Roberto Martinez didn’t fit him into the side at all, yet somehow, he still managed to score 18 goals. He went on a magnificent 7 goal run in all competitions and he showed us all that he has the potential of being a fantastic player. He even managed to get 7 assists for his side, and it was Lukaku’s best ever season in an Everton shirt.

Who to pick?

It’s really hard to decide which one will do better. Giroud, on paper is the player that should do better due to the team he plays for. Ozil and Sanchez are much better players than the players that Lukaku is working with. However, I feel that Lukaku is a better player overall. Fantasy Premier League also seem to think that way, as Lukaku has a higher ICT index percentage than Giroud. It’s hard choice, but in my opinion, I think Lukaku is the player you should get and you should consider Ozil or Sanchez rather than Giroud!

Written by Bonus FPL (@BonusFPL)

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