FPL Today – Gameweek 26 Preview – Fantasy Premier League Tips

So we are hitting that time in the season when blanks and double gameweeks come into our consideration as we look forward to gameweek 26 in the Fantasy Premier League. Arsenal, Manchester City, Manchester United and Southampton all blank in GW26 so here on FPL Updates, JNO United will discuss what happened and who scored the points in gameweek 25 before giving his thoughts on the up and coming 8 Games in gameweek 26. If you have any questions or comments on the FPL Today video, leave them down below and I’ll do my best to reply to every single question.

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  1. FPL Updates says:

    Brilliant video as always! How are you planning on navigating the blank gameweek 28?

    • JNO United says:

      Well the plan I did have, has now been thrown into doubt by this potential Double Gameweek 27 for City. In essence it means Man City don’t really miss a game in Gameweek 28 if the player you pick can score big enough points. Everyone is very single minded when considering Double Gameweeks, but last year, Tottenham who had one game in a gameweek when a lot of teams had two, scored more points than a lot of other players. The likes of Kane were top scorers despite having less games.

      I have two transfers without taking a hit, so it will be picking the best players that have a match for GW28. I’ll probably ignore GW27, just cause I lack faith in Man City.

      I’ve already been bringing in Everton and Swansea players because of their lack of blanks, so the next two transfers will just be for optimizing my team in GW28, then I’ll start transfering to optimize GW34 when the Double Gameweek is likely.

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