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So last season if I had been writing a guide on Leicester, who knows what I would have written. And I’d probably have embarressed myself immensely. Now I’m writing a guide on Leicester City for this Fantasy Premier League Season, and I have a feeling I’m still going to embarres myself.

Last season Leicester City did the unthinkable, and now everybody wants a Leicester Player. N’Golo Kante has already gone, and people are swarming around Mahrez and seeing if they can pounce. Either way, Leicester are going to try and build on last season and also now have Champions League to contend with. Can the Cinderella Story Continue?

STAR MAN – Jaime Vardy (10.0m)

This is the man that scored in 11 Consecutive Games and almost took home Top Scorer in the Premier League Last Season. Add to the fact that he is the cheapest from the Top 3 Strikers from last season coming in at 10.0m and also that he has committed to the club, he is the safest star man to go with. Yes there is Mahrez, who was incredible last season, but we can’t afford both this season.
If we have a look at the stats, Jaime Vardy had 261 Touches in the oppositions box, could possibly be on Penalties after Mahrez had a penalty taking Meltdown last season, had 96 Attempts On Goal from Inside the box and had 52 chances on target. This gave him a shot accuracy percentage of 45.2, better than Aguero and Goal Conversion percentage of 20.9. Aguero had 20.2 Goal Conversion rate and Harry Kane 15.7.

Leicester City may have lost Kante, but if they keep Mahrez and the other players in the team, I don’t see any reason to suggest the same amount of chances won’t be created for Vardy to tuck away.

HIDDEN GEM – Robert Huth (5.0m)

Everyone is going to be looking at Christian Fuchs, and don’t get me wrong, he is a great player. He will get you some assist points and bonus points to boost. But Robert Huth has something that Christian Fuchs lacks, goals. Last season he had 75 penalty box touches, 3rd behing Scott Dann & Craig Dawson. He also had 28 Attempts on Goal From Inside the box, 3rd again to Craig Dawson and Toby Alderweireld. If Robert Huth can build on this, he is 0.5m cheaper than Fuchs and will probably be owned by less players.

But hey, feel free to go with Christian Fuchs, he’ll be good as well, just a bit more expensive.

BARGAIN OPTION – Ahmed Musa (7.5m)

At 7.0m he is cheap for a top six team striker, and Leicester City could definately remain around the top of the table. On top of that, whilst every defence in the country worries about Jaime Vardy, if they forget Ahmed Musa, then he will punish them with his incredible pace. Now we have to keep an eye on pre-season to see if Rainieri will play the two together in the Premier League, but if he does, then the likes of Fuchs, Drinkwater and Mahrez can find the through balls that will punish Premier League defenders when Jaime Vardy and Ahmed Musa run onto them.

In Russia last season he scored 13 Goals and got 5 Assists and the season before that he scored 10 and assisted 7. If he can build on that, in a good Leicester side, who knows how many he’ll score for 7.5m

Written by JNO United (@JNOUnited)

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