S**THOUSE XI – FPL Gameweek 25 Tips – Fantasy Premier League Tips

Back on track after a terrible week last time out as the red arrows return to the fold. The total points our lot brought home was a mere 30, 64 less than my personal team, so the gulf in class really showed! The overall rank of the S**thouse XI is 4,104,159 which means I am only 300k from rock bottom. Considering since GW1, more than 500 thousand new teams have come in, this is an excellent achievement for me and the lads.

Let’s recap gameweek 24 before delving into this weekend’s S**thouse XI.


Jakupovic (8) He did it again! Hull have really turned a corner (more like 2 corners) and are now heading in the right direction!


Fernandez (2) 1 point doubled is 2 which was just the ticket after last weekend.

Cook (-1) Minus status! Legend!

Jones (6) What the hell happened here? Sunderland keep their first CS away since Big S**t Sam was in charge!

Kaboul (2) Although Watford are having a mini revival, their defence is still a s**thouse. Kaboul blanks.

Total defensive points – 9


Henderson (2) Jordan was a little gamble as he does show signs of attacking returns but Liverpool are dire at the moment so I’m happy with a blank.

Dier (3) Speaking of which, Eric is picking up too many 3 pointers for my liking. Bring back the yellows!

Arter (6) Harry is on monitor a week after signing him. Hopefully this was a one off.


Vokes (1) Played 5 minutes and did nadda. Perfect.

Batshuayi (0) No, that’s not a bad performance, it’s 0 minutes played…

Musa (1) Half a game played, just the one.

The Bench (3)

Now onto this week:

Transfer – Going to keep the transfer for the blank gameweek next week.

Captain – With Claudio avoiding appendicitis, he’s back with the armband.

Good luck and save those reds for me!

Written by Matty Kaye (@SecurityKaye)

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