S**THOUSE XI – FPL Gameweek 31 Tips – Fantasy Premier League Tips

The day has finally arrived, the day no S**thouse XI manager wants to see… the day of green arrows!!!

It is unacceptable and I whole heartedly apologise to all the S**thouse fans out there. 41 points beat some ‘normal’ teams and even beat the average of 40 points. With a rank so low and a score so high, there could only have been one outcome. The plus point is that the rise wasn’t major and I am still languishing closer to 4.1m than 4.0m. Let’s have a quick recap of gameweek 30 before checking in on the midweek’s gameweek 31 team.


Jakupovic (3) Even Jako picked up half a clean sheet with 3 points.


Cresswell (5) All my defenders registered points this weekend. First up was Aaron with an assist.

Fernandez (6) clean sheet #1 as Middlesbrough couldn’t penetrate Swansea.

Cook (9) Clean sheet #2 as Cook holds off Southampton and picks up all 3 bonus.

Total defensive points – 23!


Xhaka (1) Booked and conceded, just what I want from all S**thouse players.

Yacob (0) BFZ! Played 24 minutes and got booked. Idol.

Dier (11) Eric you berk, you’re supposed to be S**thouse! Scores, clean sheet and 3 bonus.

Captain Barry (2) There are very few players you can depend on and Gareth is one of them.

Coquelin (1) Copy cat of Xhaka! Again, a S**thouse legend.


Hernandez (2) Blank again!

Vokes (1) Usual restricted minutes and a single for Sam.

The Bench (8) – Only 1 player failed to register any minutes!

Now onto this week’s S**thouse XI:

Transfer – Schmeichel OUT Randolph IN. My duo of keepers (Jako and Randolph) rotate well now for the rest of the season.

Captain – Billy Jones to the rescue please!

Good luck, and save those reds for me!

Written by Matty Kaye (@MaffewKaye)

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