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Well it’s really embarrassing when the SHITHOUSE XI outscores your personal team AND still gets red arrows. Yes, that’s what happened to me in my teams this week! With 31 points from the SHITHOUSE XI, I feared the worse as I presumed green arrows were the prize. Not the case! A 30k drop and the SHITHOUSE XI now lie at 3.6 million in the world.

Let’s take a look at the gameweek before we take you through the players you no NOT want to own. Here’s how the SHITHOUSE XI looked come the end of the week.



Marshal (2) – Benching Gomes was a great move and one that was possible due to the transfer of last week. Marshall came in and did a job, 2 points.

Francis (9) – Last season, there was always a Bournemouth player that let the SHITHOUSE XI down from time to time, that’s come back to haunt us as Simon Francis scored a massive 9 points!

Lowton (2) – We can always count on Lowton to deliver nothing.

Dijibodji (-) – A benched performance from the Sunderland man meant we only fielded 10 players, maybe it’s time for him to go.

Total Defensive Points – 13


Barry (1) – Calmed down from his early season antics, Gareth picks up another yellow card! That’s one away from a ban, good effort!

Dier (3) – Back in action yet not back in the refs pocket and therefore a 3 point return came his way.

Captain Yacob (0) – That Zero isn’t a bench performance no, it’s what you get for playing half a game and getting carded at the same time. Hope his injury is nothing serious!

Behrami (3) – Didn’t really buy Behrami to pick up solid 3’s each week, try find yourself in the ref’s pocket next time!

Coquelin (3) – An old favourite returned to the ranks and like Dier & Behrami, picks up 3 points. That’s 9 points from clean sheet midfielders!


Vokes (7) – Gray is back meaning these points should calm down!

Diomande (1) – He fooled everyone with his early goal in gameweek 1 but not us!

The Bench (11) – Gomes with 9 and Zaza with his usual pathetic 2, meaning I got this half right and half wrong! Too much faith in Zaza vs Sunderland and he couldn’t even score against them, awesome!

Onto Gameweek 10 then…



Dijibodji (OUT) -> Kone (IN) – Keeping that Sunderland back line in the plans.


Tough choice this week as I’m not sure which teams will turn up. Kone was considered, but after last week’s 0-0 draw for Arsenal, history could repeat itself. Instead, I’m hoping United will take all their anger out on Burnley and Lowton gets in a scrap with Vokes, finding themselves a red card.

Written by Matty Kaye

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