S**THOUSE XI – Gameweek 16 FPL Tips – Fantasy Premier League Tips

Another 17 thousand places dropped as my S**thouse XI put in another ridiculously s**t shift. 29 points when most people topped 50 meant that yet another red arrow was obtained. Total rank, 3,894,173, absolutely killer performance.

Let’s have a look at the weekend’s S**thouse XI totals before taking you through some midweek mediocrity…..


Marshall – 2 points for the Hull showstopper was double his understudy sitting on the bench.


Barragan – 1 point for the Boro fullback is harsh as he is a good player but luckily for me, his team mates are not.

Francis – An assist for Simon meant he picked up the equivalent of a clean sheet; 6 points.

Kone – a single for Kone after another bombardment, this time from fellow strugglers, Swansea.

Captain Ogbonna – 1 point doubled is 2! RESULT.

Total defensive points – 12


Coquelin – 2 points for the French assassin; where are his yellows?!

Yacob – The captain that should have been. Conceded and booked means 1 point.

Behrami – A decent performance from Watford but fortunately for us, only a double for the midfielder.

Barry – 5 points! WHAT! Dingbat.


Diomande – After not scoring since day 1, we will let him off for scoring against one of the league’s leakiest.

Vokes – 1 point… could have been a lot, lot worse.

The Bench – 3 players not playing is worrying!

Onto gameweek 16 now… Here’s how the S**thouse XI line up:

Transfer – Even though I have squad issues, I am holding onto our transfer as a quick turnaround in games means players could be rotated.

Captain – Coquelin… I sense a red card!

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