S**THOUSE XI – Gameweek 17 FPL Tips – Fantasy Premier League Tips

I am absolutely dumbfounded that a S**thouse XI with 2 clean sheets and a captain who assisted managed to bring home yet another red arrow. God is looking down on these useless specimens as a lower than usual drop (7k) was achieved. A red arrow all the same and more importantly, all XI contributed.

Let’s now recap gameweek 16 before moving onto the next round of the S**thouse XI…

shithouse xi


Marshall – 3 points for the Hull keeper as Spurs dominated.


Francis – Clean sheet number 1 but “Big Simon” avoided any significant match action and as a result, bagged zero bonus points.

Barragan – A single for the Boro fullback as Liverpool showed thier class.

Kone – Another 2 points from Kone was 2 more than expected as Chelsea could only manage a single goal.

Ogbonna – Clean sheet number 2 as West Ham scraped past Burnley.

Total defense points – 18.


Captain Coquelin – 10 points as the rarest of assists was awarded to the Frenchman. Where was his red card?!

Yacob – “Claudio Dependable” returns a safe 2 points.

Dier – Needs to up his game as the yellow card counter has been static for way too long.


Vokes – All 3 strikers make it 2 points a piece, the absolute decider between green and red arrows.

Rooney – Some may say this is gamble; I just say he’s s**t.

Diomande – Hull are a bad, bad team.

Onto gameweek 17 now and the first chip of the season comes out. “All out attack” activated as all my defenders play weak opposition. This is always a gamble due to my less than capable players being prone to rotation, yet I’m hoping the chip pulls through.

Here’s how the S**thouse XI line up:


Transfer – Francis to Robertson as I bolster that Hull defence.

Captain – Coquelin. He surely can’t repeat his antics in the same week, can he?!

Good luck and save those reds for me!

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