S**THOUSE XI – Gameweek 18 FPL Tips – Fantasy Premier League Tips

What! Another red arrow you say? That’s right; my pack of procrastinators, the S**thouse XI, did not let me down. Can this be a full first half of the season with red arrows? Only one more week to go to find out! A 17k drop was seen this week, bringing my total overall rank to a jaw dropping 3,918,203.

Can I get to the 4 million mark? Only time will tell! In this write up, you will see a more comprehensive view of the squad for gameweek 18 as the wildcard chip will be used to enhance the diabolical-ness of this 15 man squad.

Before we get onto that, let’s quickly recap the gameweek 17 squad and their performance.


Marshall (3) – Yet another Hull clean sheet wipe-out.


Kone (6) – Sunderland, what are you doing?!

Robertson (2) – Like his fellow keeper, a clean sheet wipe-out. He came close to scoring though!

Total defensive points – 11


Dier (2) – A great buy at the start of the season; another useless 2 points.

Coquelin (4) – Didn’t live up to his bad boy antics once again. Could he be on the chopping block? No way.

Barry (1) – Barry came on as a sub, earning the single point.

Yacob (2) – Quite possibly the greatest man to ever live.

Behrami (1) – A single for the Watford man is music to our ears.


Vokes (1) – Doesn’t even start now but came on to prevent 6 points coming off my bench!

Diomande (1) – He plays for Hull, enough said. Next!

Roooooney (5) – To be fair, he looked decent. Will he make the Wildcard cull?!

The bench (15) – A great decision to play the “all out attack” chip as the bench was more than half the total points achieved by the S**thouse XI!

The Wildcard Team

So my 3 Hull players, Marshall, Robertson and Diomande, all retain their S**thouse places due to their dire form. Speaking of dire, Eric Dier stays put along with the rest of the current midfield; why change it if it ain’t broke?! Other changes include downgrading (if that can be done in this team) Antonio Barragán to Calum Chambers, as I believe he’s too good for this team, and my sub keeper Gomes is replaced by an equally rubbish keeper, Valdez. Up front it is bye bye to Rooney. At this stage, that gamble is not worth having and instead, Barrow from Swansea comes in, having probably the worst points to minutes ratio from any striker.

Here are the changes in full…
Barragan > Chambers
Rooney > Barrow
Gomes > Valdez
Masuaku > Ward

Captain – Captaincy this week falls to Claudio Yacob!

Good luck and save those reds for me!

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