S**THOUSE XI – Gameweek 2 FPL Tips – Fantasy Premier League Tips

A great start to the season for the SHITHOUSE XI and it’s like last season never ended! With just 27 points, 17 below the average it makes great reading to see a global rank of 2,803,625 from 3,346,373 players. This puts the team in the top 84% of total players entered for gameweek 1. We are going to set the bar at 3,346,373 for the end of the season which would technically put us last as of gameweek 1.

Let’s recap gameweek 1 before taking you through the SHITHOUSE XI for the coming weekend.



Jakupovic – An impressive start from Hull was a scare for me, but thankfully a soft penalty came to the rescue that Eldin didn’t save.


Robertson – 2 points for the Hull fullback was as expected after playing last season’s champions.

Francis – 3 goals conceded on Sunday afternoon to an buoyant Manchester United means he brings home the single point.

Lowton – Bringing his Aston Villa traits with him, it’s a welcome solitary point after losing to Swansea.

Total Defensive Points – 7!


Gueye – The first of my 2 Everton midfield generals brings me back 2 points, great start lad!

Barry – Gueye’s partner in crime matches the score, 2 points. Do we have some Shhithouse XI rivalry here! Its welcome!

Yacob – Last season’s new boy is this seasons solid shithouser, with a higher than average 3 points. Get booked next time Claud.

Dier – A surprise entry for this season and many will be shocked at his entry but with a point after receiving a yellow card, it’s just as we planned.

Captain Can –My Captain Cant! I Brought in late last week due to an injury to Cattermole, he did well bringing back 2 points.


Borini – A risky move putting Borini in but against Man City, I got away with it this time, but need to keep an eye on this one. 2 points.

Diomande – Well you know what they say, there is always one, this one is Diomande and not a great start scoring an picking up bonus points too! 8 points!

So, with that said, here is how we line up this coming week:


Transfer – The SHITHOUSE XI are going to save the free transfer this week as we’re still not sure who is worthy enough. Don’t worry, we will stick to the rules and make 37 free transfers and never take a hit.

Captain –Can keeps the armband as I sense a tough battle at Turf Moor, hopefully it will be more like Turf War!

Good luck all and keep those red arrows for me!

Written by Matty Kaye

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