S**THOUSE XI – Gameweek 20 FPL Tips – Fantasy Premier League Tips

The final gameweek of 2016 and the final one of the first half of the season saw my 1st wildcard played in an attempt to weaken the S**thouse XI. That strategy has paid off as yet again, another red arrow is visible which extends my run to 18 of the little beauties!

The S**thouse XI now have a rank of 3,956,864 and the collective group of clowns have a points of 494 points.

Lets re-cap gameweek 19 before looking forward to the first gameweek of 2017:


Valdes (5) – Wrong keeper decision I’m afraid as Valdes makes 10 saves and bags a single bonus point.


Kone (1) – A single for Kone who is now injured, great!

Robertson (1) – Copying Kone, another single for the Hull defender.

Chambers (0) – Picks up the first BFZ (big fat zero).

Ogbonna (1) – Concedes and picks up a caution meaning its just the 1 point.

Total defensive points – 8!


Dier (2) – A great signing at the start of the season and is doing great in this team.

Barry (2) – Barry only manages 2 points and 65 minutes to boot.

Captain Yacob (4) – That’s 2 doubles in two weeks. I suppose it could be worse but expected more from Yacob.

Coquelin (1) – A short cameo so just the one point.

Barrow (1) – Back to playing a part in every game; back to being shit.


Diomande (2) – Hull are frankly awful.

The Bench (7) – All 15 players play!

Here’s how the S**thouse XI line up for gameweek 20:

Shithouse XI

Transfers – None. We will hold the free transfer this week so we can use 2 in gameweek 21.

Captain – This week it goes to Ward. I’m hoping for an Aguero masterclass to cancel out any points Ward is entitled to.

Good luck and save those reds for me!

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