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One of the biggest decisions an FPL manager has to make is to choose between a set and forget keeper (one keeper to play every game for you) or cheaper rotating keepers. This article will look at premium goalkeepers who people will look to use as set and forget options. It will cover the 6 keepers priced at 5.5 and over and look if they are worth their high price tag.

Alisson Becker, Liverpool (£6.0m)

Alisson is priced at £6.0m in FPL and scored 176 in the 2018/19 season meaning Alisson provided 29 points per million spent. He plays for Liverpool and is a nailed on starter within their side. Last season Liverpool kept 21 clean sheets the most in the premier league which earned Alisson the price tag of joint most expensive manager in this years game. He is the cheapest nailed on defender within the Liverpool line-up and therefore popular with those trying to save budget. He scored 9 bonus points as well last season. Liverpool conceded 8 penalties with Alisson not saving any of them. Finally, Alisson made 76 saves last season averaging 2 a match. These stats show that Alisson’s points tend to come from clean sheets. FPL managers often use goalkeepers as a cheap way into a defence because other nailed defenders are too expensive to be considered. This is apparent with Alisson, ass Alexander-Arnold and Robertson are both £7.0m and van-Dijk being £6.5m. Alisson has proved himself to be fairly fixture proof and with Liverpool’s favourable opening fixtures he will be firmly on managers radars.

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Ederson Moraes, Manchester City (£6.0m)

Ederson is priced at £6.0m in FPL and scored 169 in the 2018/19 season for Manchester City, providing 28.1 points per million spent. Last season Manchester City kept 20 clean sheets, the second highest in the league with just one less than Alisson which came on the final day of the season. This earned him the joint highest price tag of £6.0m. Ederson only scored 6 bonus points last season,with their outfield players taking most of them. This is mainly because he only made 58 saves due to City’s dominant play style. Manchester City also conceded 8 penalties and Ederson did not save a single one of them. Another reason to include certain goalkeepers is due to the assured starts which their defence may not offer, this is apparent with Ederson with only Laporte being nailed into their defence. Ederson has proved himself to be fixture proof, but City do have favourable opening fixtures and so is therefore definitely worth considering.

Kepa Arrizabalaga, Chelsea (£5.5m)

Kepa is priced at £5.5m in FPL and scored 142 in the 2018/19 season which means he provided 25.8 points per million spent. Kepa kept 16 clean sheets last season, the third most in the league. He made 82 saves which is the 14th in the league, whilst he also scored 7 bonus points total throughout the season. Chelsea conceded 7 penalties in the season and Kepa made one save. Kepa can offer a cheaper route into the Chelsea defence with their defenders coming in at £6.0m+, especially with their favourable opening fixtures after gameweek 1.

Hugo Lloris, Tottenham (£5.5m)

Lloris is priced at £5.5m in FPL, scoring 145 points in the 2018/19 season and so provided 26.3 points per million spent. Tottenham kept 15 clean sheets last season just one less than Kepa. However Lloris made 101 saves and received 10 bonus points. Spurs conceded 9 penalties and Lloris saved 2 of these, the 3rd best record out of any keepers in the league. Lloris outscored all of Spurs’ defence by at least 38 points, showing if you are to consider a Spurs defensive option Lloris should be your option.

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Jordan Pickford, Everton (£5.5m)

Pickford is priced at £5.5m in FPL and scored 161 in the 2018/19 season aligning to 29.2 points per million, the highest out of any of the premium goalkeepers. He also amounted 13 bonus points which is again the highest on this list. Everton conceded 10 penalties and Pickford saved 3 of these furthering his place at the top of the statistical chart amongst premium keepers. Finally he made 94 saves. Pickford outscored all of Everton’s defender last season, even Digne who scored 158 points, showing Pickford is definitely worth considering, especially with their favourable opening fixtures.

David De Gea, Manchester United (£5.5m)

De Gea is priced at £5.5m in FPL and scored 120 in the 2018/19 season amounting to only 21.8 points per million. He received 7 bonus points, making 122 saves the most out of all the premium goalkeepers. Manchester United conceded the most penalties in the entire league at 18 and De Gea failed to save a single one. The Manchester United defence is fairly certain with Wan Bissaka, Lindelof and Shaw currently likely to start most games, but De Gea is absolutely nailed on and likely to make saves. It is unsure how United will perform this season, but De Gea has the potential to be a bargain if they can return to their defensive prowess.


All these keepers have their positives and negatives. With funds being especially tight this season the £6.0m could be too expensive for some, but they will most likely be the highest scoring goalkeepers if managers can reach their price. On the other hand, the £5.5m keepers offer a slightly more affordable price and still a rewarding option especially if your budget is tighter.

Written by FPL Tipz (@FPLTIPZ)

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