Patrick Cutrone – Fantasy Football Potential

After a very positive first season back in the Premier League, Nuno Espiritu Santos’ team looks to avoid losing the element of surprise in order to follow what was probably the least expected success story in the league last year with something around the same level, if not more.

With the likes of Raúl Jimenez, Diogo Jota, Ruben Neves and attacking wing-backs Matt Doherty and Jonny Otto, the Wanderers managed to reach 7th, securing them Europa League qualification. Now, this season they add much needed depth in order to compete in both domestic and European tournaments.

In comes Patrick Cutrone, a pure number 9 who lacked the match time in AC Milan, his boyhood club, and has joined Wolves in search of establishing himself in the highest level.

Player History

Born the 3rd of January of 1998, Cutrone joined AC Milan in 2007 as a 9 year old. He spent 10 years going through every youth category, including the Primavera second team. In 2017, he established himself in Milan’s first team, making 63 league appearances in 2 seasons, scoring 13 goals and providing 5 assists. In the Europa League, he managed 8 goals and 2 assists in 14 showings. He always seemed to be a reliable off-the-bench option, although he didn’t show enough as a starter to justify playing him all the time. So, he now goes to the Premier League after leaving the club of his dreams, at 21 years of age.

Fantasy Football Potential

In terms of potential for the game, we need to take into account one factor: Emotive connection. Patrick was seen by Milan fans as a potential starter, he just needed to grow and learn. And that might be true. But the fact is that Patrick’s goals didn’t tell the whole story. He lacked tactical awareness, he sometimes shot when there was an obvious pass available, and his counterparts didn’t really develop any chemistry with the Italian. But he scored goals, and some very important ones. I believe that to be the product of a young player connecting emotionally with the club and fans. Thus, having that extra hunger and restlessness that maybe outside signings couldn’t replicate.

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So, at least for now, we can consider him a backup to Raúl Jiménez and Diogo Jota, who showed impressive chemistry with each other last season.

If Patrick ever ends up in your team it would be for 2 reasons; if Jiménez or Jota ever go down, you can bet he would start games. In that case, I’d be weary, since there’s no guarantee he could replicate their efficiency and numbers; on the other hand, if by some reason Nuno decides he can fit a Jiménez-Jota-Cutrone front three, with the Italian playing as a goal-hanger, I’d be more intrigued, especially for that price (£6.0m).

In conclusion, I’d stay away. He hasn’t proven enough to be guaranteed a spot. His play is inconsistent and lets not forget he’s just 21 years old. He WILL score goals off the bench, and that might tempt you, but I would probably avoid unless he’s guaranteed a starting spot next to Jimenez and/or Jota.

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