Differentials XI – Game-week 9

Game-week 8 was an odd one for FPL Updates Differentials XI for a variety of reasons. Firstly, both of our keepers picked up last minute injuries so we ended up with no keeper. We saw a -2 points from van Aanholt and we saw a massive 23 points from Tadic!

Anyway here’s how the team looked:


So as mentioned, both keepers were injured so we received no points from that position. In defence we didn’t do much better after a grand total of 4 from the three of them, consisting of 0 from Rojo, -2 from van Aanholt and 6 from Mertesacker. These lads need to improve in the coming gameweeks or we may need to swap them out.

In midfield we picked up over half of our points, as Tadic scored a sensational 23 points! Once again Victor Moses picked up and assist and went off injured for the second week running! Puncheon picked up 2 points, whilst Cazorla and Lamela picked up an abysmal point a piece. If only Erik pulled his finger out at the weekend and achieved what he did last night in the Europa league!

Up top our strikers didn’t perform as expected as Vardy got a single point and van Persie struggled to even get two against West Brom, and as he was our captain this makes it even more painful!

With Game-week 9 on its way, here are our changes:

Tadic (OUT) -> Barkley (IN)

This has been forced upon us unfortunately as his ownership has rocketed over 5%, meaning we have to remove the Saints midfielder. In comes Ross who could be a cracking differential.


Starting XI: Foster (4.0%), Johnson (0.8%), Trippier (1.2%), Mertesacker (3.6%), Puncheon (3.2%), Cazorla (1.9%), Moses (0.4%), Barkley (3.6%), Lamela (2.4%), Vardy (1.9%), van Persie (2.1%)

Bench: Green (1.8%), Rojo (1.5%), van Aanholt (1.7%), Zarate (0.6%)

In-between the sticks this week we have gone with Ben Foster. Although he was out injured last week we expect him to be back and we hope for a clean sheet as he is at home against Cystal Palace.  At the back we are playing Johnson, Trippier and Mertesacker, who all have reasonable fixtures this week, and we will be hoping for more than the miserable 4 points our defence brought in last week.

In the middle of the park we are giving Ross Barkley his debut in the team, after he looked very fresh in his first game back from injury. Alongside him we are giving starts to Puncheon, Cazorla, Moses and Lamela. All once again have games in which they could pick up some big points as none of them are playing against a top half of the table team apart from Moses who is playing against Southampton.

Finally, we are unchanged up top with Vardy and van Persie starting. Hopefully they can both find some form this week as neither scored more than 2 points last week.

This week we have given the armband to Ross Barkley as he looked mightily impressive against Aston Villa, picking up an assist too. Hopefully he can come back with a goal against Burnley this week too.

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