S**THOUSE XI – Gameweek 30 FPL Tips – Fantasy Premier League Tips

What a week for the S**THOUSE XI! Whilst many managers were flying high with FPL point totals closing in on 100, my collective group of clowns were nearing closer to 10… that’s right, TEN points! I was very impressed when I checked my score on Saturday and it was 31 points below the average, sitting pretty with 6 whole points. That was then doubled when my auto subs came into play and I ended on a very impressive 12 points. Our Fantasy Premier League gameweek rank was 3,678,100 and considering there are only 3,696,349 players, I guess that’s a great achievement! So with obvious reds (35k drop) I am only half a million away from my target of being 3.5m and with double gameweeks and 2 chips left, I think that’s achievable. Let’s walk you through the 12 points of gameweek 29 before taking you through my gameweek 30 team.



Boruc – Subbed in for Hennessey, he was one of our highest scorers with 2 points.


Ward – Thankfully, Liverpool were true to their form and scored twice against Palace meaning Ward’s return was a sole point.

Hutton – Zero points and played 90 minutes!

Cook – Just the 1 point form Cook as Newcastle scored a consolation.

Bacuna – Bacuna came on after 74 minutes meaning he escaped the 4 goals City scored and therefore only picked up the 1 point. That’s 2 points as captain!

Total defensive points – 5 including captain!


Colback – 2 points from Jack meant he must have been quite well behaved!

Yacob – Our top scorer with 3 points!

Coquelin – It gets better, 2 yellow cards for the Arsenal general means he landed on -2!


Jerome – A caution for Cameron meant he came away from Wales with a single point.

Agbonlahor – Did absolutely nothing and justifies his return to the S**thouse!

Ulloa – The only player not to feature so zero points from him.

Gameweek 30 only consists of 5 matches yet I have still managed to field 10 players!


Transfer – It’s Joel Ward out who blanks and Steven Taylor in!

Captain – Like last week, it’s my transfer that is given the trust of the captain’s armband in the Monday night game!

Written by Matty Kaye


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