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Well, that was a pretty poor week, all things considered. Thank God for Jesus, eh? Without the Brazilian (and if Aguero was more selfish), the Differentials XI would have been bang in trouble last week I think.

Gabe’s brace as skipper really saved me last week, as I continue to prove to you that I cannot pick a decent midfielder for this Differentials XI. Sanchez, Redmond and Richarlison combined for six points between them, with the Chilean having to settle for a place on the Arsenal bench. My substitutes were pretty poor too, while at the back I was robbed of a third keeper/defender clean sheet combo in as many weeks, with Heaton picking up an early injury. Mee carried on to record six points, while Koscielny had done the same the day before. Zabaleta also got a clean sheet during MNF but was booked, and my Nyom because he’s “playing against a team who can’t score” shout turned out appallingly.

Right, moving on then. Hopefully the 15 below can provide you with a little more success. Frankly, some of the names in this lineup make me feel like I must be watching a different game but at the time of writing, all of them are under 10% owned and, I believe, all can help you make a difference in your leagues this week.


Remember last week when Mignolet (1.6%) conceded five times? Nope, me neither. He’s home to Burnley and he’s in the team this week. I’m confident a Mane-less Liverpool will beat the Clarets, and I like the idea of Liverpool keeping a clean sheet too. Please stop laughing – for all the jokes regarding their backline, they’ve actually kept cleanies in both their home Prem games so far. Hennessey (1.6%) is my backup, playing for a team who can’t score against a team who can’t score. Palace v Saints should be a fun watch, Saturday lunch.


Now this is the definition of a Differentials XI pick: Moreno (2%). How we’re still living in a world where the Spaniard is still Liverpool’s left back is beyond me, but hear me out. I watched them midweek, when he played bloody well – from an attacking point of view. Dangerous crossing, an assist and even a couple of attempts himself. I like him here, because the Reds are keeping a cleanie against Burnley remember. Only concern is if Klopp randomly chucks Robertson in like he’s done once this season, but I’m not so sure. Elsewhere, I feel like Davison Sanchez (0.1%) has slipped in the back door a little. Spurs look like they have a quality player on their hands, they have Swansea at home, and this bloke has slotted into their backline with ease so far. Yes, £6m is a high price, but I’d argue he’s a better shout this week than David Luiz, and he’s owned by a quarter of FPL players. Completing my defence this week is Mendy (1.2%), and again I’m scratching my head wondering if I’m seeing something others aren’t. 10 points last week and another assist in the Champions League. This year’s version of Watford are no picnic, but there is a chance for points here definitely. On the bench, I’ve kept Jones (6.6%) despite him being bullied for Stoke’s goal last week. I’ve also gone back to Maguire (6.9%), who I think is pretty much a must-have in your squad when you see what Leicester have got coming up.


Ok, this is a little balls-out. Thanks to injury and ‘injury’, Hazard (2.5%) and Coutinho (2.5%) are yet to start a game between them this season. But I think both might this weekend, and both have fixtures where they can make an impact. First, Hazard has Arsenal, a club he enjoys playing against at Stamford Bridge. Having watched the Gunners at Anfield, Hazard could really have fun on Sunday – if of course, he’s back fit. This is a risk reward pickup, I’d say. Coutinho is the same. The Brazilian came on for Liverpool in midweek, but I think he starts thanks to Mane’s suspension. Personally I think Klopp will go for a straight swap here, because even though Sturridge has shown more desire to play for the club, he’s just not capable of occupying one of the two wider positions – Phil is. Left out of United’s side last week was Mata (2.9%), and they failed to win for the first time this season. With Pogba now out injured, the Little Juan is surely due to come back in, and I like him and his lack of pace against an Everton side that massively lacks pace. Needing two cheaper options, I’ve gone for Cabaye (0.3%) and Knockaert (1.2%), with Palace’s Frenchman in my lineup and Brighton’s one completing my bench. Cabaye improved Palace in his first start last week, and I think he’ll retain his place despite the change in manager. Knockaert on the other hand is yet to be much involved for Brighton, but he’s due for that to change and I like his Friday night game against a Bournemouth side who’ve been really poor so far.


So poor in fact, that I’ve placed my faith in one of their strikers this week! Mr King (2.6%) come on down. If ever someone was due a goal, it’s the Norwegian, who has so far failed to live up to his pre-season hype and billing. Hopefully this week, in that weekend opener against Brighton, the forward can register his first strike of the campaign. Faith remains with Jesus (9.8%), who still just about scrapes into this lineup. I think we’re one more goal away from having to wave goodbye to him, but I’m happy to ride him until that point. The way the bloke has adapted to a new country, team, life, etc is pretty impressive given his age, and I really think he’ll be a star for City over the next five years. Speaking of future stars, Rashford (6.2%) completes my team this week. He scored in midweek, he looks so damn sharp whenever he features and basically, I don’t think Everton will cope with his speed too well.

Good luck this week.

Written by Joe McPhee (@JPMc99)

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