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What a great opening week of the new season’s FPL game. An average of 58 for the millions of managers was the target to beat, however between the two S**thouse XI teams, the average was just 29.

@FPL_Junior was the first round victor with a stunning score of just 25, whilst I (@FPL_vs) managed 8 more with 33. Current points of focus is that I managed to pick a player who is currently sitting top of the points table, Sam Vokes, whilst captaining a player who scored -2 in Dunk.

Junior captained Matt Lowton who picked up an assist whilst the rest of his team scored 1 or 2 points with the exception of Gueye. Great positives and negatives for both managers in round 1.

Shithouse XI

Let’s have a quick look at the two teams and their scores before taking a peek at the gameweek 2 teams.

First up, @FPL_Junior (25 Points)



Schmeichel (2) – 6 saves from Kapser prevented him from the perfect 0, solid start!

Simpson (0) – What more could I ask for? 0 points after he shipped 4 goals to Arsenal.

Shawcross (2) – A Rooney header gave me a solid 2 pointer from the English centre back.

Pieters (2) – Stoke double up paid off and brought me home another 2 points.

Lowton (8) – Highest scoring player of the week with an assist against the champions and I captained him!

Total Defensive Points – 14


Gueye (3) – Mediocre score of 3; more yellows needed Idrissa.

Arter (1) – The Arter we know and love, a yellow and no clean sheet.

Kante (2) – Played very well in the loss to Burnley but as usual, no attacking returns.

Romeu (2) – 1 game 1 yellow, keep it up and you’ll be a season keeper.

Yacob (2) – As expected, Yacob loves a yellow. 2 points from him.


Batshuayi (1) – Lovely 1 pointer from Michy after his quiet performance against Burnley. An early sub a bonus.

The Bench – 5 points in total from the bench with only 1 person playing zero minutes (Barnes).

Gameweek 2:

Transfer – Banked for next week.

Captain Williams (MCI) – City will continue to score big each week and I see Everton conceding at the hands of their attack.

Now onto @FPL_vs (33 Points)



Heaton (2) – 4 saves from last year’s best keeper was a gamble to say the least but a 2 pointer vindicates that.


Simpson (0) – 4 goals conceded and is nailed, that’s why he’s here!

Dunk (-2) – First week of the season and my captain picks up a minus score!

Tarkowski (1) – Double Burnley could haunt me but so far so good.

Zouma (2) – A couple of points playing for one of the s**test teams in the league.

Fernandez (9) – Clean sheet and 3 bonus, WHAT?!

Total Defensive Points – 12


Gueye (3) – Good underlying stats may mean this guy makes way soon.

Yacob (2) – Yellow yellow, we love Claudio.

Fellaini (1) – Smashface gets a single point even though his team wins 4-0.


Ayew (2) – 90 minutes played and sweet FA from him, perfs.

Vokes (13) – Enough said.

The Bench – 13 points with only one player missing minutes (Colback).

Gameweek 2:

Transfer – Vokes simply cannot be in my team, I was too harsh on him. In comes Diouf.

Captain Dunk (LEI) – Going to keep with Dunk as Leicester looked strong. I’m hoping for a few goals, maybe even another own goal from Lewis.

That’s all from us. Remember, save those reds for us!

Written by Matty Kaye (@FPL_vs) & FPL Junior (@FPL_Junior)

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