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Well there you have it, the first non wildcard chip used last gameweek and I’d say it was a success with Jamaal Lascelles picking up a single point, tripled!

Lets look at last gameweek before taking you through the midweek round. Here’s the current ranks:

5,168,030 – @FPL_vs
5,265,145 – @FPL_Junior

@FPL_Junior‘s team (43)


Schmeichel (9) – Another big score after Gomes missed out due to injury.


Olsson (6) – A rare victory and clean sheet at Anfield.
Francis (2) – The leaky Bournemouth defence concede again.
Yedlin (2) – The skipper’s side can’t keep the league leaders out.


Cork (2) – 7 games without a win for Burnley and Jack’s kept very quiet.
Romeu (1) – The yellow card magnet returns a single.
Fletcher (2) – A 3-0 defeat earns him another two pointer.
Barry (2) – Another double for the veteran.
Schneiderlin (1) – A booking earns him only a single.


Barnes (2) – No way through Mourinho’s defence.
Rodriguez (9) – 3 attacking returns in 4 games. He’s very close to the chopping block.

Bench (5) – 2 blanks and a cameo appearance after some poor benching choices. Gomes missed out through injury which didn’t help.

Onto this week’s team:

Transfer – Cameron (OUT) -> Zanka (IN)

Captain – Francis to continue his 13 GWs without a return.

@FPL_vs ‘s team (27)


Fabianski (8) – An unexpected clean sheet and bonus for my keeper!


Tarkowski (2) – Burnley continue to disappoint, thankfully!
Francis (2) – Another goal conceded by the Cherries, and to think I had this guy in my personal team!
Cook (2) – Like his defensive colleague, a double only.
Laceselles (3) – City ripped them a new one!


Hayden (2) – Did nothing but took part. That’s all that counts, right!?
Barry (2) – Somehow still gets a game. 2 points.
Cork (2) – Keeping the trend of my midfielders with another 2.
Dier (2) – Worst case I’ll get from Eric is a clean sheet point and now, Spurs aren’t getting them any more! 2 points.
McLean (1) – Bucks the trend with a single.


Perez (1) – Another miserable performance by Newcastle.

Bench (14) – Only 1 player blanked but JRod needs to go ASAP.

Onto this week’s team:

Transfers – Rodriguez (OUT) -> Barnes (IN) (Burnley struggle to score)

Captain – Cook (Just sounds right).

Good luck and save those reds for us!

By Matty Kaye (@FPL_vs) & FPL Junior (@FPL_Junior)

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