FPL S**THOUSE XI – Gameweek 36 Tips – Fantasy Premier League Tips

Another gameweek and another below average score for one of the S**thouse XI’s with scores of 18 and 40 respectively! Before we look at each team in more detail, here’s the current overall ranks:

5,262,100 – @FPL_vs
5,375,533 – @FPL_Junior

@FPL_Junior‘s team (18)


Foster (1) – Regular service resumes.


Gibbs (1) – Likewise for Kieran.
Zabaleta (-1) – A hammering for the Hammers and a booking puts the Argentinian into the negative!
Shawcross (2) – A home draw as they near relegation.
Olsson (-3) – Triple Captain success. A dive along with conceding 5 means his -1 score is tripled!


King (2) – The king of consistent blanks.
Gueye (2) – A double as a yellow card and a clean sheet point cancel each other out.
Ndiaye (9) – The only player to let the team down. He picks up his first goal of the season.
Cork (2) – Nothing unusual here.


Gayle (1) – He can only make a cameo off the bench.
Rodriguez (2) – A late draw against Liverpool but it’s his strike partner who gets the goal this week.

Bench (6) – Prodl misses out through injury and Diouf picks up an assist.

Now onto this week’s line-up:

Transfer – Hart (OUT) -> Karnezis (IN) – After completely forgetting Hart can’t play against his own club, he has to go as I deploy the bench boost.

Captain – Zabaleta against the champions.

@FPL_vs ‘s team (40)


Fabianksi (9) – Conceded 5 yet he gets bonus points. How does that even work? 9 ridiculous points.


Lascelles (2) – a hat-trick of blanks, Jamaal is back to his usual performances.
Zabaleta (-1) – Nyom didn’t do too badly, but we should have handed Pablo the armband as he scored negative points this week!
Nyom (2) – Captain fantastic! 2 goals conceded means our skipper for the week only scores a single point, making it 2 as captain.


Livermore (10) – Liverpool can beat Roma 5-2, but are held 2-2 against West Brom. Even worse, Livermore scored and got 3 bonus points!
Cork (2) – Unlike Livermore, Cork didn’t let the team down, scoring just 2 this gameweek.
McArthur (3) – A 0-0 draw against Watford was perfect for our team, although we would have taken a booking! 3 points from our trusted McArthur.
King (2) – King has been quite the acquisition in this S**thouse XI, with 5 blanks in the last 5 gameweeks.


Barnes (7) – This man needs to go. The form he is in is ruining the S**thouse reputation.
Rodriguez (2) – This man isn’t ruining the reputation however; 88 minutes played, 2 points.
Perez (2) – After 3 gameweeks of high returns, Ayoze is back to his usual 2 points.

Bench (0) – No one played.

Now onto this week:

Transfer – Barnes (OUT) -> Diouf (IN)

Captain – Bench Boost time. Zabaleta is given the armband.

Good luck, and save those reds for us!

By Matty Kaye (@FPL_vs) & FPL Junior (@FPL_Junior)

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