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Another torrid week for me as my point haul exceeds the 30 mark again with 31 points. Not much better fortunes for Junior as he acquired a score of 25 points, 6 points less than me but ultimately 6 points greater the difference in the league!

Overall Ranks for the two teams are:
4,624,283 – @FPL_vs
4,744,511 – @FPL_Junior

Gameweek 8 Shithouse league standings

Let’s look at Junior’s team from gameweek 8 and his plans for gameweek 9 first:

FPL Junior's Shithouse XI Gameweek 8 points


Fabianski (6) – After Hennessey pulled out with injury, nothing but a clean sheet was expected.


Lowe (1) – A tidy single.
Fosu-Mensah (1) – You can always rely on the Palace defence.
Pieters (-2) – Captain fantastic! Conceding 7 against City was never going to end well.
Romeu (2) – Another week, another blank.

Total defensive points – 8


Barry (2) – Standard stuff.
Gueye (3) – An early substitution sneaks him an extra point.
Cork (2) – A solid debut.
Krychowiak (7) – A horrible signing after back to back assists.


Gray (2) – Solid job.
Barnes (1) – His 6th 1 pointer in a row!

Bench – 4 points in total, both coming from blanking defenders. Meanwhile, Sandro and Hennessey didn’t feature at all.

FPL Junior's Shithouse XI Gameweek 9 line-up

Captain – Whoever plays Man City. Therefore it’s Lowton. Best of luck stopping that attack!
Transfer – Zanka comes in for Pieters to solidify the defence.

Onto my team now:

FPL Vs's Shithouse XI Gameweek 8 points


Butland (0) BFZ! Not seen a Big Fat Zero in a while!


Cook (1) Becoming a great asset to this S**thouse team.
Zouma (-2) Captain equals Junior’s choice of Pieters with a MINUS 2.
Dunk (1) Can count on Dunk for the majority of the time!

Total defensive points – ZERO! Amazing.


Hayden (6) –Bigged him up last week and he goes and scores. Still managed to pick up a yellow and no bonus though thankfully!
Puncheon (1) When I saw Palace had scored 2 against Chelsea, I feared the worst, but Puncheon only picked up a single. Top lad.
Gueye (3) 3 points, slightly higher than his usual standard.
Billing (1) Proving to be a great buy; a single again!
Britton (3) a rare clean sheet point and no yellow means 3 points will have to do.


Perez (8) So far so good but then my strikers stepped up. Perez being the first…
Diouf (9) … and Diouf the second. One point more than Perez despite, getting slammed 7-2 by City!

Bench (13) First time in a while all 15 players played and even the bench did well with an assist in there. Thankfully they stayed on the bench.

FPL Vs's Shithouse XI Gameweek 9 line-up

Transfer – Niasse comes in for Diouf who has some decent fixtures on the horizon!
Captain – Tarkowski away to City so hopefully a repeat of gameweek 8’s result for the Citizens.

Good luck and save those reds for us!

By Matty Kaye (@FPL_vs) & FPL Junior (@FPL_Junior)

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