FPL Transfer Window – Episode 4 – Fantasy Premier League Tips

Unfortunately the FPL Transfer Window and the clubs in the Premier League have been so busy, that I’m starting to fall behind. We focus today on two transfers by Everton and one by West Brom, but I am also fully aware that I may need to put some work over the weekend with a big transfer confirmed at Arsenal, and some potential big transfers happening in Manchester!

For more information on these transfers, feel free to check out my youtube channel – FPL Today, where I cover my thoughts on the FPL Potential of these signings, as well as how they may fit into their new teams. Anyway, enough with the waffle, let’s get on with this episode of the FPL Transfer Window.

Sandro Ramirez to Everton (Estimated Price: 7.5m)

Rumoured for a while, and inevitably a reaction to the fact that Romelu Lukaku made it very clear that he was going to be leaving Everton. Everton have been linked with this transfer for a while and it’s finally been done. Bringing in a Barcelona youth player, can sometimes be a stroke of genius and sometimes severely disappoint, but for just £5.25m, Sandro Ramirez definitely looks worth the money.

Everton have approached this transfer window very professionally, making sure they have players in place to replace those wanting away. That being said, just a few days after Sando Ramirez joins, news comes in of a massive transfer for Lukaku that could almost pay for all the players that Everton have brought in!

Last season for Malaga, Sandro Ramirez played 28 times and was involved in 17 goals for the club with 14 goals and 3 assists. Showing an eye for goal and realizing some of the potential that most Barcelona youth players have, Sandro is capable of leading the line or playing just behind the main striker. That may affect his usefulness in fantasy football, as Everton are reportedly looking for another striker, with Giroud, Bacca and other rumoured targets. So pre-season should shed some light on what kind of a prospect Sandro Ramirez is.

With the uncertainty of position and a player coming from another league, he won’t be priced too highly for his first season, but with a decent reputation he is going to be at the mid-price range and above the really cheap options from the lower table teams, around the 7.5m mark. So his value for FPL Managers at that price will be determined a lot by his role in that Everton side.

Michael Keane to Everton (Estimated Price: 5.0m)

I’d like to start off by saying, Everton’s defence, if it can gel, looks really good next year. Coleman is out for the start of the season with injury, but Ashley Williams, Michael Keane and Leighton Baines seems like a formidable 3 in a back four or five. This may make a cheap right back for the start of the season, a good option from the Everton side, but enough about that and onto Michael Keane.

For us FPL managers, the stand out from the Burnley team was Tom Heaton last year. With save points galore and enough clean sheets to top the goalkeeper charts, you could say Michael Keane was a bit overlooked. But his performances got him noticed by England and have earned him this £30m transfer (got to love the prices clubs pay for English Players).

Fantasy Football wise, he was a mainstay in the Burnley defence making 35 appearances, which is always reassuring for an fantasy football manager. He also popped up with 2 goals and 1 assist. Generally he was the most assured member of that Burnley defence and will add experience and quality to the Everton defence.

Price wise however, there was little fluctuation for Keane at all last season and he didn’t show any major goal scoring or assist prowess. Due to that I believe his price will remain around the 5.0m mark that he was at last season, despite being in a stronger defence.

Jay Rodriguez to West Brom (Estimated Price: 6.0m)

Let me tell you all a story, about four years old now. There was this promising side in the Premier League called Southampton and in that side, they had some promising players. There was one player called Jay Rodriguez and in the 2013/14 season, he scored 15 goals and created 3 others. He played with some other promising players that have since moved onto bigger clubs, but as they left as he got injured and soon, he was a forgotten man.

But a £15m transfer can get you back in the public consciousness very quickly and get FPL Managers juices flowing, even if we are all just speculating over the prospect of him reliving those days. Last season Jay Rodriguez showed us all something, getting 5 goals and 2 assists, but nothing to make him a must have.

Now with a new club, the main question for fantasy managers  is, will he be playing as a striker or playing just behind? This also raises a question of whether or not he will be classified as a striker or midfielder too! My money is on him remaining as a midfielder, purely because he didn’t have a amazing season and there won’t be the pressure to change this. His price should also remain the around the 6.0m marker.

Anyway guys, that wraps up his FPL Transfer Window article, for more views and information on these transfers be sure to give the video below a watch and subscribe for more!

Written by JNO United (@JNOUnited)
YouTube Channel – FPLToday

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