Fraser vs Maddison – FPL Dilemma

With the start of the season fast approaching, there are selection dilemmas all over the place, and one dilemma that seems to a popular, is the one of the “bargain midfielder”. Two of last seasons major breakout stars were Bournemouth’s Ryan Fraser and Leicester’s James Maddison and the dilemma is which one of the two to go for, or potentially both.

The Options

Last season James Maddison accumulated 137 points, scoring 7 goals and 7 assists, which was slightly less that Ryan Fraser’s 181 points with 7 goals and 14 assists. Although Fraser did have a better season it was his 3rd season in the Premier League, compared to James Maddison’s debut season in the Premier League so the only way seems to be up for Maddison.

Maddison ended the season taking almost every set piece for Leicester and at his age has scored more Premier League free kicks than a certain David Beckham, which having only played one season in the Premier League, isn’t a bad stat.

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Fraser on the other hand, has had two 100-point seasons in his 3 campaigns in the Premier League, whilst the middle season was still a 97 point haul. This shows a level of consistency that can be important in FPL over the course of the season. If Fraser can continue this level of consistency for his modest price of 7.5m then he will certainly be a popular pick.

One major advantage Maddison has over Fraser is the set pieces. It was evident throughout the season that Maddison’s ability at the dead ball situation is up there with the best in the Premier League. In addition to this, now that Ayoze Perez has joined the Foxes, this should increase the amount of chances he gets at set pieces as he gets fouled almost twice a game in the opposition half.

Last season, Ryan Fraser contributed to 40% of Bournemouth’s goals with his 21 contributions. If Fraser has this level of influence again this season then he will once again be a massive part of anyone’s fantasy team this season.

Both players have excellent groups of players around them who will maximise their point scoring potential, for Maddison, there is Vardy, Gray, Perez, and Barnes providing the goals and assists. Whilst Fraser has the likes of Wilson, King and Brooks to contribute. Both of these attacking lines are formidable on their day and Maddison and Fraser are likely to be the focal point of their respective attacks.

Comparison & Verdict

Player Ryan Fraser James Maddison
Points 181 137
Minutes 3165 2831
Goals 7 7
Assists 14 7
Points Per Game 4.76 3.80
Minutes per attacking return 150 202

Considering the stats there is very little separating the two players. Maddison may have more potential, with Fraser being the more consistent player, whilst their prices (Maddison at £7.0m and Fraser at £7.5m) make them both perfectly viable options for your midfield. That said, there could be room for both, but if you can only get one in, Fraser is your man, especially for the first 10 gameweeks, where Bournemouth’s schedule is significantly easier than Leicester’s.

Written by Harvey Sanderson (@HarvSanderson)

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