Laporte vs Walker – FPL Dilemma

As the 2019/20 season approaches fast, Laporte (£6.5m) finds himself in almost a quarter of the teams already. After an impressive 2018/19 season, he comes in with a £1.0m price increase compared to the previous season.

Walker (£6.0m), meanwhile dropped £0.5m from last season’s starting price.

The price drop for walker is due to Pep playing him mostly in defensive positions, reducing his attacking potential significantly. On the other hand, Laporte established himself as the Pep’s first choice centre back whenever fit and available. Pep preferred a left footed centre back who can play the ball from the back and Laporte fit the bill perfectly.

He also went and became the FPL community’s double game week hero, hauling an impressive 53 points his 3 double game weeks registering 1 goal 2 assists and an impressive 9 bonus points.

Compared to Walker, Laporte has the potential to get more bonus points.

The Stats

Player Aymeric Laporte Kyle Walker
Interceptions 50 36
Clearances 121 50
Recoveries 272 170
Headed clearances 78 25
Duals won 178 117

Note: Laporte played 3,056 mins compared to walker’s 2,776 mins last season


If you’re just looking for a Manchester City clean sheet cover, then Walker alongside Ederson provides value for £6.0m as the left back and other centre half position seems uncertain at the time of writing this article. But if you’re looking at potential Bonus points and attacking returns, then Laporte looks the way to go.

Written by FPL Wolf (@FPLWolf)

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