Fantasy Football Hub vs Fantasy Football Scout – Membership Review 2023/24

Fantasy Football Hub and Fantasy Football Scout are two of the most well-known websites for stats, articles and everything fantasy football – but what do they have to offer and which is the best value for money?

This guide will explore what each site offers so you can make an informed decision and see which is best suited to your FPL needs.

Before we begin, it’s important to note that we are part of the Fantasy Football Hub network, however we have aimed to write this in an objective way, covering both sides.

Hub tools review: My Team and more

When looking at the two join pages, Hub’s tools are a more prominent focus – with AI leading the way.

Much of the focus is on the My Team tool, launched last year but revamped for the 2023/24 season.

My Team brings together some really cool features – AI team ratings, predicted points, transfer planning, live rank and recommended transfers tailored to the individual member’s team and chip strategy.

If that wasn’t enough, the AI also spits out a weekly optimum team for the week and a Wildcard squad based on the next five gameweeks. All this is powered by predicted points, which update as things change throughout the gameweeks.

And new for 2023/24 is a mini-league analyser function and an upgrade to recommended transfers, allowing members to filter their AI recommendations based on various factors, from ownership to team.

Much of the week’s planning for Hub members can be done in My Team, making it a really intuitive website to use, however there is much more under the hood.

There are individual pages for the predicted points tool and live rank, as well as standalone features like the customisable fixture ticker, player comparison tool and Opta stats. The latter features all the data points you could need to analyse every player in the game.

But there are a couple of other standout features which make Hub membership a particularly strong option.

Ben Crellin is renowned among fantasy managers, amassing hundreds of thousands of followers thanks to his expert knowledge of fixture scheduling. Ben is the go-to source for helping FPL managers navigate the often tricky path of blank and double gameweeks – and his planner is exclusively available to Hub members.

New for the 2022/23 season was the Hub’s very own price changes prediction tool. Despite being in its infancy, it is quietly developing a reputation for being one of the most accurate in the business. While no prediction tool is 100% accurate thanks to FPL’s formula being top secret, the Hub’s tool is an excellent indicator of the likely risers and fallers and should get even better now they have a year’s data behind them.

Finally, the Hub’s Ultra service is worthy of a mention. While not a tool per se, the ability to have your team rated by one of the very best managers in the world is not dissimilar to the advantage of AI predicted points.

Rich Clarke heads up the Ultra team. He has never finished outside the top 50k in a 17 year career. The Ultra service used to offer three team reviews per season but this looks to have changed to one per month for 2023/24 – a big plus for those who sign up to the highest tier of Hub membership. There are some other added benefits too, as listed above.

In summary, Hub offers a comprehensive range of in-house tools which are very effective at helping them to meet their goal of creating winning FPL managers – good news considering they’re offering the money back guarantee!

Scout tools review

Like Hub, Scout has a range of tools to help fantasy managers maximise the potential of their teams.

Their rate my team algorithm offers members the chance to see how many predicted points they will score.

Scout makes much of its members’ area, powered by Opta tools. It has a range of custom tools and tables, including the ‘Flat Track Bully’ option which pinpoints players who perhaps perform better against weaker opposition.

Premium members can also create custom tables and share them with other subscribers. Those who follow Scout on YouTube and social media may have heard of Joe’s ‘Goals Imminent’ table, which studies underperforming assets that are due to score.

Scout has linked up with third-party website Premier Fantasy Tools, which offers a variety of aids to cover including the FPL Team Analyzer and Hindsight Dream Team devices, which show detailed analysis of a given fpl team and highlight potential areas of improvement.

Those who like to check in on the top managers will be interested in the FPL Manager Tracker and All-Time Ranking lists.

Hub v Scout summary: Tools

Both websites offer a variety of tools for members to improve their fantasy games.

With My Team in particular, Hub has given this side of the offering a visual refresh and the tie-in with multiple features may be more appealing to those who like things all in one place, with a modern interface that closely mirrors the official FPL website.

Scout has a much clearer focus on Opta stats and the ability for users to let their imagination run wild with custom tables.

It’s partnership with Premier Fantasy Tools will go some way to helping add to its features, although Hub arguably has the edge in the respect of having everything on site.

UI Navigation – Aesthetics

Both websites have made changes to their aesthetics this year.

Those familiar with Hub will notice some eye-catching new thumbnail graphics, featuring player images and clear, bold text to show readers what is on offer.

The latest article covers the width of the screen, with Hub’s trademark black and blue colour scheme front and centre. Its key ‘Win at Fantasy Football’ message and join button sits above this for non-members.

The Hub navigation bar focuses on its flagship feature My Team (more of that later), followed by the toolbox and for pre-season a tab for their Gameweek 1 tips. The drop-down menu includes links to their Ultimate Guide, pre-season friendlies results and How to Play guide which has also been given a visual overhaul.

Scout meanwhile has a similar approach in terms of its lead article showing prominently, although it has made room for four featured articles down the side. This sits below a large headline ‘Win at Fantasy Premier League’ and link to their join page.

A new addition for 2023/24 is the Scout ticker, which carries moving headlines which the user can click on.

Scout’s homepage and the ticker in particular may be overwhelming to some in comparison to Hub’s more static, straightforward offering. But both sites are slick and easy to navigate and it is a matter of personal taste whether the ‘busier’ look of Scout or the more straightforward Hub design is preferable.

Membership offering and prices

You’ll need to be a member of both sites to unlock the best features and content. Here are the current pre-season offers.

Prices quoted below are the best available and correct as of 11/7/23 – check the sites themselves for the latest deals.


The Hub retains three tiers of membership for the 2023/24 season, however there have been some changes and the old ‘Premium’ tier has become the ‘Pro’ tier.

Before we get on to prices, the Hub’s Win Your Mini-League guarantee has returned for the second season. Those who sign up are offered their money back if they don’t win their nominated mini-league. There are strict terms and conditions attached to this though, so make sure to check them out before joining.

Starter: £2 a month (billed yearly) – 50% off

  • Recommended AI transfers
  • AI team rating
  • Predicted points
  • Team and chip planning
  • My Team live rank
  • AI teams of the week (‘Free Hit’ and ‘Wildcard’)
  • Access to Discord community

Pro: £3 a month (billed yearly) – 50% off

Included is everything in the Starter package plus:

  • Access to WhatsApp communities
  • Ben Crellin’s planner sheet
  • Opta stats
  • Player comparison tool
  • Fixture analyser
  • Player profiler
  • Expert team reveals
  • Exclusive articles
  • Team news

Ultra: £15 a month (billed yearly) – 50% off

Everything in Starter and Pro, plus:

  • One personalised team review per month
  • Ultra members’ secret WhatsApp group with Hub founder Will Thomas and Ultra expert Rich Clarke
  • Invite to end-of-year meet up
  • Monthly Zoom calls with Rich Clarke


There are two annual paid membership tiers on offer this season:

Premium annual: £2.99 a month (billed yearly) – 30% off

  • Pre-season guide for all FPL teams
  • Pre-season minutes tracker
  • Rate my team and season points projections
  • Team transfer planner
  • Team reveals and drafts
  • Opta data
  • Custom data tables
  • Fixture ticker
  • Player comparison tool
  • Premium member articles
  • Exclusive member videos and hot topic chat
  • New members’ area

Bundle: £3.99 a month (billed yearly) – 30% off

All the offerings above but also:

  • Fantasy Premier Tools premium access
  • Captain pick analyser
  • Active transfer suggestions
  • Mini-league analysis and reports
  • FPL manager tracker
  • Weekly plan and team reveal
  • User profile page
  • Submit articles
  • Exclusive access to Beta tools
  • Ad-free access to Premier Fantasy Tools
  • ‘Much more’

Written content: Scout v Hub

Both Hub and Scout offer superb written content and their articles are key to keeping the sites looking fresh as well as updating members on tips and team news from the world of Fantasy Premier League.

One key difference is that Hub regularly covers other fantasy formats, including Sky, Telegraph, Dream Team and Sorare. Scout does offer occasional coverage of Sorare and Sky, although Hub is the only website which covers all the main UK-based formats on a comprehensive basis.

Both have detailed pre-season guides featuring tips on the best players and pre-season friendly results, with countless articles published weekly.

As well as in-house writers, both rely on expert contributors who provide added authority. They include:

Hub contributors

BigManBakar – former fourth-placed FPL player, writing weekly team reveals, previews and team of the week type articles based on years of fantasy expertise. Bakar is one of the biggest fantasy names in the business

FPL Salah – a longstanding Hub contributor with a following of over 100,000 on Twitter, he has an impressive four top 1k finishes and six top 5ks. He pens the Hub’s pre-season best players by price point series as well as a weekly team reveal

Holly Shand – The biggest female content creator in terms of following, Holly regularly contributes pieces looking at Hub’s AI team of the week and Sorare articles

FPL Matthew – A stalwart of the fantasy scene with three top 500 ranks among a series of stellar finishes, Matthew’s detailed team reveals are a go-to article for many an FPL manager

Rich Clarke – We’ve already met Rich in the Ultra section. He contributes a weekly team reveal too

FPL Heisenberg – Another of Hub’s team revealers, Heisenberg was regularly seen on Sky Sports News offering FPL tips to the masses. He has seven top 0.5% FPL ranks to his name.

Jian Batra – New for 2023/24, Jian has amassed a growing following who look to him for top tactical analysis and FPL Twitter threads. He has just been announced as a new Hub team revealer

Chris Tan – The weekly captaincy pick maestro, Chris’s weekly article helps identify the best pick and punt options as well as fixture analysis of zonal weaknesses and more

Fergi – Hub COO Fergi pens his multi-format team reveal on site weekly. He is a former Dream Team champion and top finishes in all the formats the Hub specialises in. He can be seen hosting the Hub’s Green Arrow podcast and Sky 3 for 1 show. His Sky co-host Paul McAnulty is the current Sky champion – and on that note, the Hub site has ex-Sky champ Dan Cox providing weekly team reveals

Ben Dinnery – The main man when it comes to injury analysis in the FPL community, Ben writes the Hub’s weekly team news article and predicted lineups

Scout contributors

Scout’s website has not yet announced a full list of its 2023/24 ‘Pro Pundit’ experts, however a selection of its writers are listed below:

In-house expertise – Like Hub, Scout has a team of in-house writers, including Neale (SkontoRigga), who has developed an excellent reputation for accurate predicted lineups.

Ali Jahangirov – The current FPL champion has joined the Pro Pundits team for this season

Pras – An FPL veteran with four top 10k finishes

Sam Bonfield – One half of FPL Family, Sam is now helping to run Scout. Additionally, she is a regular on the FPLShow and the Official FPL Podcast as well as multiple FFScout videos and took part in the FPL Show’s price reveals announcement this season

Pranil Sheth (Lateriser) – An upside-chaser who loves a differential captain. He has three top 200 overall ranks and a further three top 10k finishes. 

FPL General – One of the biggest names in the FPL community, General contributes articles and hosts a podcast sponsored by Scout. He has three top 500 finishes

Simon March – A former FPL champion (2014/15) who writes regular articles for the site

Luke Williams – A bit of an all-rounder but has the unofficial tag of the ‘Godfather’ of Sky, being one of the foremost content creators in the Sky fantasy world. He once finished 4th in Sky and has a host of other top finishes across multiple formats.


Both Fantasy Football Hub and Fantasy Football Scout members areas offer a lot of resources. Both are good value for money.

Taking everything into consideration, our conclusion is that Fantasy Football Hub is the overall better resource.

Hub has invested heavily in features like My Team which have moved the dial forward in terms of tools. It can also be accessed by an app, available on Android and iOS.

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