FPL Dilemma – Lukaku vs Kane – Fantasy Football Tips

In this FPL Dilemma we look at two of the Premier Leagues big guns! These are Manchester United’s Romelu Lukaku and Tottenham Hotspurs’ Harry Kane. With many FPL managers creating drafts trying to build around either both or one of these strikers who is the best value for money?

Without further ado, let’s analyse this FPL Dilemma…

Harry Kane

The 2014/15 season was when Harry Kane started to make a name for himself in the Premier League. He managed to break through to the first team after making some appearances in the 2013/14 season, scoring 3 goals in 10 games. In the 2014/15 season Kane improved his game and became a goal scoring threat scoring 21 goals in 34 appearances which as a return for FPL managers is excellent.

However, the question was whether he’d be a ‘one season wonder’ after playing out of skin, but Kane had other ideas. He carried on developing his talent and improved as each season progressed and scored 25 goals in 38 appearances in the 2015/16 season gaining his first major individual award, the Golden Boot. Again in the 2016/17 season he also won the Golden Boot, scoring a remarkable 29 goals in 30 appearances.

Kane also does a fair amount for teammates as well as goal scoring and in the 2016/17 season he assisted 7 times. This sums up his 12.5m price tag on FPL, with some managers turning up their nose. Kane and Spurs often start of slow in FPL and this can casts a little doubt in many managers mind.

Romelu Lukaku

Lukaku’s transfer to Manchester United is no doubt one of the most exciting and selected strikers on FPL so far in this transfer window. Lukaku started to gain recognition during his loan to West Brom from Chelsea in the 2012/13 season scoring 17 goals in 35 appearances. He then switched to another team on loan in the 2013/14 season, this time to Everton and he impressed again hitting double figures with 15 goals in 31 appearances.

In 2014/15 he made his move from Chelsea to Everton permanent and had a somewhat average season scoring 10 goals in 36 appearances. However, he managed to rise up to be Everton’s star man for the 2015/16 season scoring 18 goals in 37 competing with the likes of Kane for the Golden Boot. During the 2016/17 season he once again challenged Kane for the Golden Boot, scoring 25 goals in 37 games and was an absolute gem for FPL managers.

Similar to Kane he also assisted teammates fairly well in both 2015/16 and 2016/17, with 6 assists in both seasons. Priced at 11.5m, Lukaku is slightly cheaper than Harry Kane and could be brilliant value for money as he partners Marcus Rashford at the front of the United attack.

The Verdict

I’m not going to drag out my decision and in my own draft I have opted for Lukaku over Kane. As controversial as it may be, Harry Kane and Spurs often start a season slowly and this season could be the same. Facing Newcastle United (A), Chelsea (H) and Burnley (H) in their first 3 fixtures it’s certainly not an easy start for them.

Manchester United’s fixtures seem a little more generous for the opening 3 game weeks with West Ham United (H), Swansea City (A) and Leicester City (H), Lukaku will look to get off to a flying start.

The price tag is huge factor at the start of the season and the difference of 12.5m and 11.5m as little as it looks on paper, is massive. Having the spare 1.0m in your FPL bank for buying Kane after game week 2/3 is not an option to look away from and in my opinion is the best option going forward.

Written by James Milburn (@jamesmilburn95)

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