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Welcome back folks to what is going to be another amazing season in Fantasy Premier League. The S**thouse XI is back and this time we have a twist! As manager of the S**thouse XI, I (@FPL_vs) now have someone to keep me honest, a partner in crime, another lover of the dreadful side of FPL, a head to head S**thouse XI competitor in @FPL_Junior!

Each week we will both publish our S**thouse XI teams and reasons behind them with 2 objectives; to finish bottom of the world and to beat each other! For those that are not acquainted with the rules of the S**thouse XI series, let’s walk through them.

1. Both Managers must endeavour to play a starting XI every gameweek, with the players playing more than 60 minutes (2 points) for their respective club’s games.
2. Transferring out players for getting suspensions is forbidden. The player is performing to his best!
3. All 3 chips must be used.
4. No hits are allowed.

Let’s jump straight into FPL Junior’s S**thouse XI and the reasons he has picked each player. Later in the week, I will release my 15 players that I have chosen for the first draft…

Shithouse XI


Schmeichel (5.0m) & Hennessey (4.5m) – A goalkeeping rotation that includes only two home games, both at home to reigning Premier league champions Chelsea. 7 out of 8 games are against top 6 sides: Arsenal (A) Liverpool (A) Manchester United (A) Chelsea (H) Huddersfield (A) Manchester City (A) Manchester United (A) Chelsea (H)


Shawcross (5.0m) – Loves an own goal in a Stoke side with a horrible run of fixtures.

Pieters (5.0m) – Stoke double up with their horrible fixtures. Double clean sheet wipe-out please!

Lowton (4.5m) – Without Keane, Burnley may find it harder to keep clean sheets. Every odd gameweek (1,3,5) up until gameweek 9, they face a side from the top 7 on the road.

Simpson (4.5m) – 12 yellow cards last season and doubles up with Schmeichel, Leicester have been poor at the back ever since they lifted the Premier league.

Williams (5.5m) – With the addition of Keane at the back, Everton look better defensively but couldn’t have a worse set of fixtures to start their campaign.


Gueye (5.0m) – Protecting Everton’s backline, Gueye will be as far away from the goal as possible for a midfielder to get. Loves a yellow!

Romeu (4.5m) – 11 yellow cards, joint highest in the league with Gueye and Arter. Keep them flowing!

Arter (5.0m) – Loves a rash tackle and always gets stuck in. Yellow cards aren’t an unusual sight.

Yacob (4.5m) – Not a goal or assist last season, a s**thouse dream?

Kante (5.0m) – Player of the season? Doesn’t matter when he loves a yellow and assists the defence instead of attack!


Murray (6.0m) – Knocking on a bit and a lack of pace won’t help him increase his scoring chance. Will Brighton be fit for the Premier league?

Sandro (7.5m) – New to the league and will find it hard to fire with their tough opening run.

Barnes (5.5m) – Burnley struggle going forward but he may start from the bench.

So that’s Juniors team, tune in shortly for a similar release from @FPL_vs

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