FPL S**THOUSE XI – Gameweek 28 Tips – Fantasy Premier League Tips

We observed a very tight affair between the two S**thouse managers last gameweek that saw a combined total score of 36 points, that’s nearly 3 times less than my personal gameweek score!

5,219,150 – @FPL_vs
5,328,974 – @FPL_Junior

Lets start with Junior’s team before moving onto the current S**thouse global champion!

@FPL_Junior‘s team (17)


Schmeichel (1) – 5 goals conceded by the Dane.


Gibbs (0) – Back into the team with a bang! A BFZ!
Francis (-1) – 4 conceded and his 7th yellow card of the season.
Yedlin (6) – A surprise clean sheet against Manchester United. Less of that, please.
Tomkins (1) – A solid debut and Palace’s fixtures only get worse.


Cork (2) – The usual for Jack this week.
Romeu (2) – He’s now 2 cards away from a 2 match suspension. Well done skipper.
Barry (2) – Another loss for WBA and he’s keeping very quiet.
Fletcher (1) – Just the 45 minutes and he earns a single.
Schneiderlin (1) – A short cameo is all he gets this week.


Perez (2) – Nothing to show for this week.

Bench (6) – 3 blanks.

Transfer – Schmeichel (OUT) -> Hennessey (IN)

Captain – Romeu for the second week running.

@FPL_vs ‘s team (19)


Begovic (0) – BFZ! Things start well with a Big Fat Zero.


Francis (-1) – Even better! A minus score.
Cook (-1) – It can’t be… Another minus. So far the score is -2 with 8 players to go.
Dunk (2) – Not quite a slam Dunk again but very close.
Laceselles (6) – Let down by the Frenchman as Newcastle pick up a cleanie.


Hayden (1) – A single for Hayden as he comes off the bench.
Cork (2) – Proving to be a great thing at the S**thouse training HQ! 2 points.
Dier (2) – Another blank for Eric in his defensive role at Spurs.
Barry (4) – Another blank but doubled is 4. Should have given it to one of the 2 Cherries!


Diouf (2) – Proving to be a right S**thouser!
Barnes (2) – Rounded off what was a beautiful round.

Bench (8) A clean sheet is never good but the best place for it is on the bench.

Transfer – Tarkowski (OUT) -> Zabaleta (IN)

Captain – Dier gets a shot.

Good luck, and save those reds for us!

By Matty Kaye (@FPL_vs) & FPL Junior (@FPL_Junior)

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